News from 219 Cities: Addendum Edition

Since the last few News from 219 Cities, I would like to include more information about places I have already written about.

Qatar (Previous post from Dukhan)

Population: About 1.8 million; but only 278,000 Qatari citizens. Foreign workers with temporary residence status make up four-fifths of the population.



Description from Wikipedia:

Natives of the Arabian Peninsula, many Qataris are descended from a number of migratory tribes that came to Qatar in the 18th century to escape the harsh conditions of the neighboring areas. Qatar has over 1.5 million people, the majority of whom (about 90%) live in Doha, the capital. 

In 2012, Qatar retained its title of richest country in the world (according to per capita income) for the third time in a row. [This do not apply to the four-fifths of the population of foreign workers. Also, the news network Al Jazeera is run from Doha, the capital. In my opinion Al Jazeera English is the most reliable and best quality news service in the world.]

Photographer, s3eedalmarri has some great photos of Qatar and Qataris on Instagram. (




Baghdad, Iraq (Previous post from Baghdad)

Population: Baghdad metro area estimated at 9,000,000.



al-Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad (wikipedia)

In the last edition of New from 219 Cities I posted this photo from Baghdad:

A man looks at the crater caused by an explosion after a car bomb attack in Baghdad's al-Ghadeer district

I would like to juxtapose it with this photo of al-Mutanabbi Street:


al-Mutanabbi Street is the historic center for bookselling in Baghdad. “It was named after the 10th century classical Iraqi poet Al-Mutanabbi. This street is well established for bookselling and has often been referred to as the heart and soul of the Baghdad literacy and intellectual community.”

An internet comment on a different picture of al-Mutanabbi Street states, “Notice how everyone is potbellied with an open jacket. There’s one part of Jumeirah here in Dubai full of Iraqis and they all look like this too. i wish i could be pot bellied so i could feel double the pride.”

Fez, Morocco (Previous post from Fez)

Population: About 1 million.

Tannery in Fez

staticmap (2)

The rejuvenation of the Fez River. (Ted Talk)

In a previous edition of News from 219 Cities, I wrote about a music festival in Fez. This time I would like to focus on the creative rejuvenation of the city. All the information and pictures were taken from this 5 minute long Ted Talk.

The Fez River in Fez, Morocco is considered “the soul of the city.” Modernization of this ancient city has put a lot of stress on the river that runs through it. In many places the river is completely covered by concrete and illegal parking lots. Fez’s trash, sewage, and industrial chemicals heavily pollute what is left of the river. Now thanks to the help of Aziza Chaouni and other environmental activists, Fez has begun work on a project that will rejuvenate the river areas of the city. These pictures were taken from a short Ted Talk that Aziza Chaouni did on March, 2014.

The Fez River in 2007

The Fez River

Projected image. The awning will me made from recycled leather from Fez's tanneries.

Projected image. The awning will me made from recycled leather from Fez’s tanneries.

Before: Illegal parking lot.

Before: Illegal parking lot.


Projected Image. Playground made from recycled tires. Wetland to clean the river and protect it from flood damage.

Plaza in 2007.

Plaza in 2007.

Plaza today.

Plaza today.

Fez River before.

Fez River before.

Same area today.

Fez river today.


Projected same area after completion of the project.

Thank you and goodbye for now.

حَوّامتي مُمْتِلئة بِأَنْقَلَيْسون


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