Update on The As of Now Project

The As of Now Project as I am as of now calling my project, is a personal project aimed at helping Syrian refugees. I have no idea what I’m doing so I am trying different things and seeing what sticks.

This week I am gathering cellphones to send to Syrian refugees who are living in Bulgaria. Cellphones are important to the refugees because they are a lifeline to the rest of the world, as well as their families who are either still in Syria, or in other refugee camps.

Originally I was just going to send the three cellphones I had in collecting dust in the back of my drawer. Then I told some of my friends about it and they offered their old cellphones. This gave me an idea: Why not post flyers around the neighborhood asking for old cellphones?



Well… it didn’t work. At least not in my neighborhood. I’m going to post more flyers in another neighborhood on Saturday and see if I get a response. Like I said before, I am starting from starting from scratch here. We’ll see what sticks. Besides, I have another idea in mind that will be a lot more fun.

For now, well, it’s been a long day and before I start writing my next installment, I’m going to crack open a beer. Cheers.

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