A Brief Explanation of the Syrian War Part 1

Before I even touch upon the war in Syria, it’s important to know where Syria is and what it looks like.

First of all, where is Syria?


There it is!


Let’s get closer…


There it is in the Middle East. Let’s get a little closer…



Here’s a good view. Syria shares a border with a lot of countries! It’s northern border is shared with Turkey. It’s eastern with Iraq. It almost completely surrounds little Lebanon. It’s southern  border is with Jordan, and it even “shares” a tiny portion of its border with Israel. I put “shares” in quotes because that border is actually Syrian territory that’s occupied by Israel.


Let’s a little closer…


This is Damascus, the capital of Syria. Damascus is one of the oldest cities on Earth. It’s been around since at least 6300 BC. Some people think it may have been inhabited since 9000 BC.



This is a section of Syria’s “Second City,” Aleppo. Like Damascus, Aleppo is thousands of years old. It is also Syria’s biggest city, containings over two million people. While Damascus is the political capital Syria, Aleppo is the financial capital. Just as Washington DC is the capital of the US, but New York City is the financial capital.



Most of Syria is desert like this. That said, most Syrians do not live in the middle of the desert.



Some sections of Syria are forested.



Syria also has a long coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. Most Syrians live in the West, relatively close to the coast.


Of course, there is so much more to Syrian geography than this but these are the basics. Besides, I have to go to work now. There will be much more to come tonight or tomorrow. Lastly, congratulations! You almost certainly know more about Syria than those around you :) More to come soon.

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